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Need an Artist or an Artistic Activity for your event?

Do you Love creativity and keep-sake treasures?!

We have many shows to chose from, just give us a call 1.888.655.7263.

Airbrushing – We will airbrush anything from trucker hats, T-shirts, pillowcases, laundry bags, license plates, and more.
Airbrush Tattoo Artists
Airbrush Tattoos – Select from hundreds of Airbrush Tattoo Designs and multiple colors!
Caricature Artist
Caricatures Artist – Our artists will draw a crowd at any event. Your guests of all ages love to have a keepsake drawing made. We can customize the drawings for any themed event.
Name Creations
Name Creations – We take the letters of your name and turn the letters into themed objects, such as palm trees, sunsets, birds, pandas, etc. Makes for a nice wall hanging at home, in a dorm room, office, etc.
Wax Hands
Wax Hands – Using a special blend of super flexible waxes that melt under low temperatures, you are able to dip your hand into the wax, remove the wax hand from your hand, and dip it into a variety of different colors for a unique keepsake.
Candle Art Making
Candle Art Making – Create your own candle using different colors of wax granules and various scents! You will have a unique and beautiful keepsake that will continue to glow after your event!
Spin Art
Spin Art – We let you be the artist, as you add various colors of paint to the spinning objects. From the cardboard, to frisbees, to shutter shades, we let you create your own keepsake.
Custom Flip-Flops
Custom Flip-Flops – Walk away from this activity wearing the flip-flops you created. We provide the flip-flops and a variety of items that can be attached to the flip-flops to make them truly your creation.