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Kramer Entertainment carries inflatables of all shapes and sizes! If your event needs some fun, bounce, slide, slash, or race to book these inflatables today!

Duo Run Inflatable

Duo Run – Two-person obstacle course with six challenges.

Aqua Rush inflatable

Aqua Rush – Great two-person obstacle course, for elementary school through college age.

Dinosaur Kingdom inflatable

Dino Land – Great inflatable for six and under, as they play in the inflatable are with dinosaurs and dinosaur eggs.

Giant Slide inflatable

18′ Slide – Single lane slide.

Fancy Footwork inflatable

Fancy Footwork – Medium size two-person obstacle course, with seven challenges. For kids of all ages.

Basketball inflatable

Duo Basketball Challenge – Double shot basketball challenge to see who can score the most points.

1st Down inflatable

Football Challenge – Try to throw the football through the various holes.

Pirate Ship inflatable

Pirate Ship – This 10′ x 20′ inflatable has a bounce surface, slide, and basketball hoop.

Racing Slides inflatable

Dual Lane Slide – This 24′ slide has two lanes. See who gets to the bottom first.

Mega Bounce inflatable

Mega Bounce – This 20′ x 20′ bouncer can handle 12 people at a time.      

Football Toss inflatable

Football Toss – Throw three footballs into the hole to win.

Log Jammer inflatable

Log Jammer – Try to stay atop your pedestal, as the log swings around, attempting to knock you off.

Equalizer inflatable

Sports Challenge – Try to score on your end of the inflatable, as you are pulling against your challenger with the bungee cords attached to each others backs.

Strawberry-Mushroom inflatable

Strawberry/Mushroom Bouncer – Fits 6-7 children at a time.

Twister inflatable

Twister – Inflatable version of the popular home game. Fun group game great for parties, and picnics, and post grad parties.

Gladiator Joust inflatable

Joust – A two-person challenge, to see who can knock the other person off of the pedestal, using the padded foam jousting pole.

Adrenaline Rush inflatable

Adrenaline Rush – Great two person obstacle course, with 11 challenges to conquer. Recommend for ages 10 and up.

Chip Shot inflatable

Golf Challenge – Several different versions available

Boxing Ring inflatable 

Bouncy Boxing – Two-people use the huge, over sized boxing gloves for fun in the inflatable ring.

Jungle Maze inflatable

Jungle Maze- Kids will love this jungle themed crawl through inflatable maze!

Camo Wrecking Ball inflatable 

Wrecking Ball – For ages 8 and up. Players on the outside swing soft foam balls at the person in the middle, trying to knock them off of the tilting pedestal.

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