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Interactive Events

Star in a Mini-Movie! Score big playing three giant games in one! Make tactical decisions with Laser Tag!  Watch the incredible process of etching 3D Holographic images into flawless Crystal!
Whatever you want, Kramer Entertainment has all the Interactive Events necessary to engage and captivate a crowd of ANY SIZE!
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interactive events
Amusement & Rides
Bring the carnival to your event! Play, dip, ride, bounce, slide or fly! Your guests will have a blast with an endless variety of amusing carnival games and rides.
interactive events
Sports Galore
NEW! Put your athletic skills to the test with our new interactive inflatable! Sports Galore includes three games in one humongous unit! Reaching over 12ft tall, this crazy fun inflatable will fit in any gymnasium or outdoors!
interactive events
Photobooth Rentals
NEW! Your next event will go socially viral with either of our photo kiosk options! Your guests can print their photos or share them instantly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or email! This is something everyone loves to share!
interactive events
Double Shot Basketball
NEW! Score against friends in a Double Shot Basketball competition with our new and addictive double rimmed basketball mobile setup! Take unlimited shots until the built-in buzzer tells you it’s times up!
interactive events
Sport Attractions
Get inside the 10′ foot Zorb Balls to compete against their friends in a dizzy twisted race or a obstacle style course. Bump, bounce, roll, & laugh during with these high flying games! 
Tactical Laser Tag interactive events
 Tactical Laser Tag
Mission: if you choose to accept it, is to advance forward as a team, testing your groups skills, courage and wit in pursuit of victory. The success of this mission can be achieved by seeking out and eliminating your competition in this fast action high-tech game of Tactical Laser Tag!
It's A Wrap interactive events
It’s A Wrap
“It’s A Wrap” has over 3000 patterns, designs, and images to choose from. Our extensive library of templates will create a perfect fit for your cell phone device. It is definitely a crowd-pleaser.
interactive events
Dome Theater – Immersive Dimension Visual Experience
Get lost in space listening to current musical artists while enduring a fusion of visuals. The Dome Theater Experience is the world’s most powerful and immersive experience we tour!
 interactive events
Clearly You Crystal Imaging
Clearly You Laser Crystal Imaging will amaze all with new, high- tech imaging. See your 3D image laser etched in sparkling clear crystal. A one of a kind treasure you need to have! – We take Custom Orders on our website too!
Dance Parties interactive events
Dance Parties
From 70’s Funk to the latest hits, we’ve got it all. We will provide anything from a simple dance party to a New York style dance club.
Outdoor Movie Screens interactive events
Outdoor Movie Screens
Our Outdoor Movie Screens entrance the audience with incredible sound, huge screens, an ‘intelligent’ light show special effects, fog machines, strobes and more! Bring the excitement of a high-tech dance club or the nostalgia of a classic drive-in movie to your event!
Movie Makers interactive events
Movie Makers – Your Own Mini Movie
Lights, Camera, Action! Star in your own Hollywood style mini movie or music video and then take your movie home to share with your family and friends!
Fantasy Faces -interactive events
Fantasy Faces
Participant’s pose and their picture is digitally transposed into the middle of magazine covers, action scenes, poses with movie stars and much more! Each participant then gets a great take home frame with their FANTASY Photo!
Bumper Car Bash- interactive events
Bumper Car Bash
Want the outrageous, interactive fun of real bumper cars? Virtually no setup and no power requirements – they’re the world’s first battery-powered bumper cars that can run on almost any surface. Check out this incredibly fun addition to Kramer’s Roster!