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4-D Theater

Your Senses Will Never See It Coming!

State of the Art 3-D digital video, Digital Surround Sound Audio and the physical sensation of environmental effects (wind, water and smells, to name a few) create an unforgettable entertainment experience!

Best of all, the whole theater comes: RIGHT TO YOU!

Cinemation Thrill Theater

Crowd pleasing 4-D theater experiences are no longer limited to the major theme parks! Experience:

  • High resolution digital video projection
  • Special computerized show control systems
  • Seamless integration of stunning 3-D video and environmental effects
  • In-your-face water misters, air jets, a variety of aromas, wind effects and more!

4-D Theater from Kramer Entertainment

Thrill Cinemation Theater

People inside a 4-D theater

4-D Theater