Save A Life Tour – Driving Simulators

The “Save A Life Tour” is the Nation’s most advanced high-Impact alcohol awareness and distracted driving simulator program!

SALT drunk driving simulator | Kramer Entertainment

High Impact Alcohol Awareness Program 

Experience first-hand the devastating effects of drunk or distracted driving. The national “Save A Life Tour” has been developed to provide state-of-the-art, interactive driving simulation that truly shows participants the grim reality of destructive decisions. This program addresses the very real and often fatal consequences of poor choices that are made while driving under the influence or distracted.

SALT_Distracted Driving Simulator | Kramer Entertainment, Grand Rapids, MI

Distracted Driving Awareness Program

The Distracted Driving Simulator Program was developed due to distracted driving becoming an increasingly large problem on our nations roadways in recent years. Put texting while driving to the test with this driving simulator!