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Distracted Driving Awareness Program

This is an event that can “Save A Life”.

Save a Life Tour Distracted Driving Simulator
Featured story regarding our SALT Program
at Heritage High School in Saginaw Township:

The “Save A Life Tour” includes eight hours of multimedia distracted driving information, including two distracted driving simulators, and two fifty minute lecture presentations. 

Our objective is to use every method at our disposal to bring home the shocking reality of the dangerous practice of distracted driving because it has eclipsed drunk driving as the number one safety concern of the driving public.

The DISTRACTED DRIVING PROGRAM was developed due to distracted driving becoming an increasingly large problem on our nations roadways in recent years. We are committed to educating all individuals that attend this program about the dangers of this serious life-threatening practice, through the use of cutting-edge technology, video display, and live personal presentation and interaction.

  • Kramer provides two Save A Life Distracted Driving Simulator Units.
  • An 8’ x 10’ Projection Screen to show the audience the participants’ actual experience in the simulator, showing both the driver’s view and the drivers themselves.
  • An ongoing presentation of memorials to victims who lost their lives to a distracted driving incident, playing between each participant.
  • Four 3’x 8’ original thought-provoking banner displays.

The program begins with an introductory video of the devastating effects of distracted driving.
This high-impact video starts out with a disclaimer that will state: “WARNING! What you are about to see is very graphic and is not for the faint at heart.”

This is an extreme program that viewers will remember for the rest of their lives!

The Distracted Driving Presenter will:
  •  Relate their personal experience with a life-altering distracted driving incident, setting the tone for the entire program.
  • Quote current, national statistics from recognized sources to illustrate how serious the problem is.
  • Give details on how the simulator works and what it will do for the participants.
  • Clarify that The Save A Life Distracted Driving simulator was designed for the sole purpose of illustrating how distraction affects reaction times.
  • Describe how one becomes singularly focused when engaged in other activities besides driving.
  • Explain how a split-second delay in the Save A Life Distracted Driving simulator’s responsiveness will cause participants to demonstrate tendencies similar to those of a distracted driver.
  • Clarify the realism of the simulation. Participants may briefly experience an altered state of equilibrium when exiting the Save A Life Distracted Driving simulator.
  • Participant interaction with Simulator
  • Cycle participants through the Save A Life simulator, pointing out the effects stated above to spectators as they occur in each simulation.
  • Talk to and discuss the experience with each participant and reinforce their experience, until he or she thoroughly understands how they were affected and why.
  • Not allow the participants to laugh, joke or make light of the Save A Life simulator or program in any way.
  • Show the reality of destructive decisions by addressing the very real and often fatal consequences of poor choices. This should not in any way be confused with a “video game”.
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Distracted Driving Awareness program Distracted Driving Awareness program Distracted Driving Awareness program
Distracted Driving Awareness program Distracted Driving Awareness program Distracted Driving Awareness program