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Tactical Laser Tag – T.L.T.

Are you willing to accept this mission?

Tactical Laser Tag (T.L.T.) is fast action high-tech game customized to your gaming needs and location. Tactical Laser Tag’s (T.L.T) fast turnaround allows more throughput and more games to be played. Participants work as teams in a realistic simulated battle environment that can be played almost anywhere, indoors or outdoors, any time of year. This exciting event is completely mobile and will be brought right to your location. We Do It All! We provide ALL the equipment and supervision needed for the event, up to 12 people can play at a time, we also provide an adrenaline pumping sound system and microphone. In Tactical Laser Tag (T.L.T) our weapons are standalone and realistic, NO VEST NEEDED. Everyone will have a blast playing Tactical Laser Tag (T.L.T).
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tactical laser tag tactical laser tag
tactical laser tag
tactical laser tag